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Case Study: Ante-Holz GmbH
We can equip any camera with a cost-optimized license according to its purpose. The system can be expanded indefinitely and is very easy to use.
Tobias Halling
System Administrator, Ante-Holz GmbH

Customer Profile

Ante-Holz GmbH is one of the most powerful European companies in the timber industry. More than 800 employees work at the main plant in Hesse Bromskirchen – with additional plants in Rottleberode (Sachsen-Anhalt), Kozuchów (Poland), and Winterberg-Züschen (NRW) where spruce, pine, and Douglas Fir, respectively, are manufactured from sustainable forestry. The business is divided into the areas of timber, glulam (glued laminated construction timber), joinery, products for the home and garden, and pellets.

Technology and Integration

  • Aimetis Symphony™ Software Licenses: Standard, Professional, and Enterprise
  • Axis network cameras and servers


  • Video-controlled production processes
  • Migration from CCTV to IP Video
  • Significantly reduced false alarm rate
  • Exploiting enormous cost advantages
  • Relief of guards


Aimetis Symphony allows Ante-Holz GmbH to monitor and control the production processes.

Requirements for Video Sureillance

The perfect interplay of ultramodern production facilities enables Ante-Holz GmbH to create excellent quality and a variety of products across Europe. The challenge was to find a solution that enables the monitoring and control of the production processes in real time.


Continuous investment for a unique variety of solutions -

In order to monitor the smooth running of production and controlling the process in real time, Ante-Holz GmbH decided to use modern video technology. By utilizing 45 cameras, Ante-Holz GmbH guarantees a smooth production process. Additional day/night outdoor cameras also take over monitoring to further enhance site security, where Aimetis Symphony is utilized, which takes over all the tasks of a video management system.

"We need live images that are of high quality to guarantee optimum monitoring of production lines," noted system administrator, Tobias Halling. “This task was previously performed by analog video technology, but that would have entailed extremely expensive and complicated wiring," Halling points out.

For this reason, VST GmbH from Saalfeld—which oversees Ante-Holz GmbH’s consulting, planning, and support of video technology—developed a video system based on networked cameras and servers, so the video footage could be transferred over existing IT infrastructure. Aimetis Symphony was also recommended because of its simplistic licensing model. In total, 20 cameras were integrated into various spots along the production process. Since Aimetis provides extensive client software free of charge, Ante-Holz GmbH benefits from an enormous cost advantage.

About VST GmbH Saalfeld
Rapid response with a versatile system
- Tobias Halling appreciated the fast service and the all-round support from Aimetis. After VST GmbH created the complete system design they continued to provide extensive support to Ante-Holz GmbH. As a market open system distributor and certified Aimetis partner, VST GmbH provides expert services in the technical implementation of Aimetis software. The video management system can also be remotely accessed via one of Ante-Holz GmbH's provided VPN connections. Software updates and firmware updates are done by the VST GmbH team without Ante-Holz GmbH needing to spend their own valuable time on it.