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Case Study: Rydell Automotive Group
We see Aimetis Symphony not only as a security tool, but also a customer service tool. We believe it can take our customer experience to the next level.
Steve Symons
IT Manager

Customer Profile

Standing as the corporate headquarters for the Rydell Automotive Group in Grand Forks, N.D., the Rydell Auto Center is comprised of a multi-site campus with various departments, including sales centers, body shops, and a carwash. Rydell has 76 other dealerships nationally, but the central location in Grand Forks prides itself on its focus on technology, even incorporating an in-house team of developers to maintain an innovative network of websites and web applications.


  • 166 Aimetis Symphony™ licenses
  • Aimetis Symphony Mobile™
  • Aimetis Automatic License Plate Recognition™
  • System of IP cameras and servers at multiple locations


The Rydell Automotive Group needed a solution to replace its failing analog security system. Rydell’s existing technology had a clunky interface and wasn’t capable of expanding as the Rydell Group continues to grow. With an in-house technology team, Rydell wanted a sophisticated system that would allow the company to take control of its video security needs.


  • Aimetis Symphony saves Rydell money by providing reliable video footage to disprove false damage claims
  • Aimetis Mobile saves Rydell time by allowing security team members to access footage not just from their desktop, but also their mobile devices
  • Customer service is improved by allowing staff to see and respond to customers in areas of the dealership not visible from inside the building

The Rydell Automotive Group, an automotive leader in the Upper Midwest of the United States, found itself in need of a new security solution after its old analog deployment continued to drop offline. As an organization that embraces technology, Rydell set its sights on a new system that would provide scalability, reliability, and a smooth user interface to monitor its multi-site campus.

Working with High Point Networks, Rydell installed Aimetis Symphony™ to manage its network of Axis cameras. By incorporating Symphony, all of the facilities at Rydell can be managed centrally from one location. Boasting the smallest hardware footprint and highest camera density per server of any video management software on the market, Symphony gives Rydell the peace of mind that the system will grow as the company expands its security system.

The unique selection of Axis cameras coupled with the reliability of Symphony has provided Rydell with a catalog of video footage that has saved the organization money in multiple situations since deployment. “When one customer claimed they left a set of expensive golf clubs in their old car prior to purchasing and leaving with their new vehicle, our security team was able to provide direct evidence showing the customer removing them from the car while on site,” said Steve Symons, IT Manager with Rydell Auto Center. “In another case, a driver came back the day following an oil change and claimed the service technician had actually replaced their engine oil with radiator fluid. A quick scan of the footage proved the story false.”

With a heavy focus on technology within the organization, Rydell was drawn to Aimetis Symphony Mobile™ as a way to increase the flexibility of its security system. The mobile bridge feature allows the team at Rydell to view and play back video, control PTZ cameras, and receive alarm push notifications all from a smartphone or tablet.

“The ability to access Aimetis Symphony through our handheld devices has really increased the flexibility and mobility of our security team,” continued Symons. “We pride ourselves on being innovative and the mobile bridge allows us to use our system in new ways. We couldn’t be happier.”

Looking to the future, Rydell plans to use Aimetis Analytics, specifically Aimetis Automatic License Plate Recognition™ (ALPR), to improve its customer service. The in-house technology team plans to use ALPR to identify customers as they enter the Rydell property and alert the customer service team with the necessary information to provide excellent service, such as the customer’s name, reason for their appointment, and appointment history. “We see Aimetis Symphony not only as a security tool, but also a customer service tool. We believe it can take our customer experience to the next level,” concluded Symons.