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Case Study: vts Police Netherlands
The vtsPN has been conducting ongoing testing of Aimetis Symphony™ and continues to be impressed with its functionality, scalability and reliability. From the initial installation of the trial, Aimetis Symphony has been easy to use. It is of particular benefit that the video surveillance software can be used with both new IP and existing analog cameras.
Evert Schut
Researcher, vtsPN

Customer Profile

The Multi Disciplinary Innovation Technology Center (M-DO-IT) is a facility of the vts Police Netherlands (vtsPN). vtsPN is a shared services centre for the Dutch Police. M-DO-IT demonstrates the effectiveness of a range of security services to various emergency response personnel including police, fire and ambulatory services. The centre provides a view into the future of emergency response activities and provides an opportunity for Dutch agencies to improve their security services.


  • Aimetis software licenses: Standard, Professional and Enterprise
  • ƒ
  • A range of Vivotek and Axis IP cameras
  • ƒ
  • VS 2403 and VS 3102 video server, HP XEON based server and W2003 RS server
  • ƒ
  • Several Vista and XP clients


  • Education and awareness for visitors on the benefits of intelligent video management software
  • ƒ
  • Deployment of faster and more effective coordinated emergency response by Dutch agencies


Aimetis Symphony integrated intelligent video management software was deployed at the shared service center for Dutch Police agencies, vts Police Netherlands (vtsPN), within the Multi Disciplinary Innovation Technology Center (M-DO-IT) to demonstrate the effectiveness of intelligent video management software to Dutch emergency and security agencies.

Business Challenge

This shared services centre provides a forum of communication for all Dutch emergency response agencies to learn about new and beneficial security technologies that can be used to improve their services. The vts Police Netherlands (vtsPN) was looking for an intelligent video surveillance solution to demonstrate to visitors and to highlight the benefits of an integrated video management and video analytics solution.


After an extensive testing of several video management solutions, Aimetis Symphony is now being recommended for evaluation to Dutch agencies when they are installing or upgrading a video surveillance system. Representatives from the regional police forces, fire brigades and paramedics are able to test the software in a real world setting at the vtsPN shared service centre to assess its effectiveness for their particular application.

As part of the demonstration and testing, the vtsPN required their own solution to monitor the exterior of their larger facility, the Multi-Disciplinary Innovation Technology Center (M-DO-IT), and to track people entering the compound. A range of video analytics have been deployed at the site, including basic and advanced motion tracking, PTZ auto tracking, and video tampering.

“Aimetis Symphony always earns an enthusiastic reaction from those who see it in practice here” adds Schut. “An intuitive and very useful user interface, which provides fast access to relevant video footage. Because it only records on alarm, disc usage is maximized and Aimetis proved as stable as a rock. The combination of video management and video analytics provides a compelling solution for law enforcement and emergency response applications.”

Aimetis Symphony was initially used by the Dutch Police to monitor the personal residences of several politicians who were receiving threats from community members. Instead of having individual security personnel patrol the homes, Aimetis Symphony motion tracking and perimeter breach analytics were deployed to review the exteriors of the properties and alarms were enabled to notify police in the event of any suspicious activity. This reduced the cost associated with having live emergency personal guarding the sites and allowed them to be deployed for other activities.