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Case Study: Tan Chong Industrial Equipment
...IP Surveillance enables remote monitoring and centralized recording in our main offices so we don’t need to worry about theft issues...
David Siew
CFO, TCIE , Malaysia

Customer Profile

Tan Chong Industrial Equipment Sd. Bhd. (TCIE) is a subsidiary of the publicly listed Tan Chong Motor Holdings Bhd. It is the authorized distributor and manufacturer for Nissan Diesel Motor Co. Ltd, Japan, the Nissan Diesel range of heavy commercial vehicles, in Malaysia. Since the first introduction in 1978, TCIE has produced Nissan Diesel Trucks and Buses as one of the leading makes in Malaysia with more than 30,046 units in operation (end of year 2006).


  • Aimetis Symphony Client and Server Software
  • COTS hardware for Clients
  • Pelco Spectra III PTZ cameras
  • DSL internet connection for remote monitoring


  • Increased physical security at their many car yards
  • ƒ
  • Enabled TCIE to remotely view their yards that are located throughout Malaysia
  • ƒ
  • Allowed for high quality video with very low bandwidth consumption


Malaysia’s largest manufacturer and distributor of Nissan Diesel heavy commercial vehicles chooses Aimetis and ACTi to provide a robust IP surveillance solution for their storage yards located throughout the country.

Business Challenge

Tan Chong Industrial Equipment (TCIE) has many large car yards spread all throughout Malaysia that house new vehicles. They did not have enough security guards to physically patrol the yards, therefore, they needed to have an intelligent surveillance system to help protect the vehicles by increasing the scalability of security guards.


ACTi and Aimetis Symphony™ intelligent video management software were chosen. TCIE was able to take advantage of the fact that Symphony is a combined video analytics and video management software programme. This means that they are able to utilize and upgrade the existing cameras into IP cameras over time. TCIE requested high resolution video quality, but has very limited bandwidth, only 384 kps. They found that Symphony is able to deliver the high quality video image which they require.

In addition, Symphony has an architecture that allows TCIE to remotely view activity from a centralized location or over the internet instead of having a control room in all of their locations throughout Malaysia. “...If we use a DVR system, it’s not secure when break-ins occur. The DVRs are easily stolen when thieves get into the yards. Currently IP Surveillance enables remote monitoring and centralized recording so we don’t need to worry about theft issues. Meanwhile we are very satisfied with the video quality from all the remote sites.” said Mr. David Siew, the CFO at TCIE.