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Case Study: Sultan Zainal Abidin University
Using Aimetis Symphony has increased the safety for students and visitors.
Wan Mohd Hasbullah Bin Wan Abdul Rahman
IT Officer of UniSZA

Customer Profile

Situated on a 350-acre site with three separate campuses and over 5000 students, the formation of this young university was announced on March 26, 2005 and represented a historical moment in the development of public institutions of higher learning in Malaysia. Sultan Zainal Abidin University (UniSZA) has since expanded to multiple undergraduate and postgraduate programs in the various faculties and centers including a faculty of medicine and health sciences.


  • ƒ36 Symphony Standard Licenses, one Enterprise License
  • ƒIntegrated with the existing Sony camera and new Vivotek cameras
  • ƒDAS
  • ƒThree Dell servers, one server per campus


  • Prevention of intrusion and theft
  • Improved sense of security for the student and staff population
  • Reduced spending on additional security measures
  • Effective coordinated response to emergencies


The Sultan Zainal Abidin University (UniSZA) installed Aimetis Symphony™ integrated intelligent video management software to increase the overall safety of the staff and student population of the university, while providing an easily scalable solution to accommodate the growing needs of the young institution.

Business Challenge

UniSZA was looking to install a cost-effective video management solution that would allow for monitoring all three separate campuses 24 hours a day, with an extensive number of different buildings, including residences, classrooms, sports facilities and general public areas.

As the university has grown in size, it was important to have a scalable solution that reduces the need for security staff to constantly monitor all areas of the campus and instead allows them to be alerted to specific emergency situations as they arise. UniSZA was also interested in further utilizing video analytics across the campus and preventing perimeter breaches using digital fences.


The installation of Aimetis Symphony Intelligent Video Management software was installed by the Aimetis partner 2Y Communications together with Viewtech, a leading technology based company in Malaysia. The solution has eased both student and parental concern about safety with real-time monitoring of the entire university campus from a campus control room, allowing for an immediate response to emergency situations. The university has experienced a reduction of crime with the visibility of the Vivotek and Sony fixed dome cameras and the associated video surveillance system functioning as a crime deterrent.

As UniSZA intends to increase the number of cameras and Aimetis Symphony licenses in the upcoming year as it continues its quarterly expansion of security measures to additional faculties and buildings on the campus, Aimetis Symphony provides a very scalable solution, allowing the addition of more cameras as required. Using a video surveillance solution with a centralized monitoring station means that the university is able to expand their public safety capabilities more cost effectively and without the need to employ additional security personnel. In turn, additional staff can be used elsewhere, creating a more productive organization.