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Case Study: Sociedad Portuaria Regional de Barranquilla
Aimetis Symphony has drastically improved traffic monitoring inside the terminal. This has resulted in enhanced intelligence for anti-narcotic authorities, a reduction of criminal activity and an improvement in employee safety.
Carlo Porto
Infrastructure Manager

Customer Profile

Sociedad Portuaria Regional de Barranquilla (SPRB) is the largest multipurpose port in the Colombian Caribbean. It moves more than 4 million tonnes of cargo per year with approximately 2,500 trucks and 1,200 persons entering daily. Located near the mouth of Magdalena River, it receives both fluvial and seagoing vessels. This number increases every year due to Columbia’s aggressive promotion of free trade agreements with other countries.


  • ƒ110 Cameras - 80% IP and 20% Analog
  • ƒIntegration with 55 existing cameras and encoders
  • ƒ
  • ƒIBM BladeCenter H
  • ƒFour Servers (Blades), one for configuration and three for video storage
  • ƒ
  • 50 TB of Storage


  • Perform real time verifications, historical data queries and receive alerts from video analytics
  • Anti-narcotic authorities have better control over inspection areas
  • ƒ
  • Improved risk detection and operations


Sociedad Portuaria Regional de Barranquilla (SPRB) selected Aimetis Symphony™ Intelligent Video Management Software to monitor the extremely sensitive nature of cargo entering and exiting the terminal. The terminal now enjoys enhanced security resulting in a reduction in crime.


Due to the high flow of vehicles and persons in the terminal, SPRB has its own security department in charge of security controls and inspections at all the terminal entrances and along perimeters. The previous security system couldn’t provide antinarcotics authorities with enough credible information to perform authorized searches. SPRB chose Aimetis because of the video analytic capabilities, the smart search capabilities and the future scalability of the product.


Aimetis Symphony Intelligent Video Management has empowered the control room operators to perform multiple on-demand, real time searches, leading to improved monitoring control over inspection areas. This solution has not only improved cargo monitoring and inspection but it has also improved the monitoring inside the terminal office entrances and remote offices, leading to overall employee safety. The transportation authority has experienced a reduction of crime with the visibility of the exterior cameras and the associated video surveillance system functioning as a crime deterrent, a significant achievement for such a demanding environment.

A modern video management solution that would replace the current model and serve as support to their daily tasks was imperative. Aimetis and the local partner Security Systems, designed a stable, reliable solution for SPRB terminal.

SPRB has made expansion plans to their existing infrastructure and the security needs will be met by Aimetis’ Physical Security Appliances. These appliances are planned for installation in remote offices, offering a scalable, reliable solution. This will allow SPRB to utilize the robust analytics found on Aimetis hardware such as License Plate Recognition, Face Finding, and Access Control Integration throughout their growing and demanding environment.