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Case Study: Siem Reap International Airport
Selecting Aimetis Symphony™ and the scalability of their product was directly in line with us providing improved security today and accommodating our future growth plans for tomorrow.
Feliciano Enriquez
Security & Safety Manager

Customer Profile

The Siem Reap International Airport is located 8 kilometers from the provincial city of Cambodia, Siem Reap and is Cambodia’s busiest airport in terms of passenger traffic annually.

Totaling just over 13,000 square meters of passenger terminal space, it has a handling capacity of 2 million passengers annually. The passenger traffic surpassed 1.7 million in 2011.


  • ƒ90 IP Cameras
  • ƒ
  • ƒNine Sets of AXIS Q243 Blade Video Encoders
  • ƒ
  • ƒTwo Servers
  • ƒ
  • ƒIntel Xeon and Intel Motherboard with Seagate Barracuda ES equaling 20 TB of Video Storage


  • Advanced ability to perform real time verifications and historical data queries
  • ƒ
  • Improved security, risk observation/detection, and operations


Siem Reap International Airport utilizes Aimetis Symphony™ video management and video analytics software to monitor their passenger and cargo traffic. This has resulted in improved security for passenger traffic as well as and operational efficiency for all cargo operations.


With more than 1.7 million passengers in 2011 along with rapidly growing tourism in Cambodia, there has been a steady increase in the amount of monitoring, recording and intelligent analysis needed in Siem Reap International Airport. This has led to the decision of installing an improved security monitoring infrastructure. Aimetis was chosen because of the simple licensing model and overall functionality of the software.


“With the installation of Aimetis Symphony, we have drastically improved our monitoring capabilities, allowing us to monitor, record and analyze many unique situations at once.” according to Feliciano Enriquez, Security & Safety Manager.

Aimetis Symphony Intelligent Video Management software was installed by the Aimetis partner Cambodia Airports Management Services (CAMS). The solution has improved the monitoring inside the terminal as well as on the tarmac. The installation included Ipvisions NVRs, a customized server and storage unit which was built using supermicro chassis 16 Hotswap bay with Intel Xeon and Intel motherboard along with a Seagate Barracuda ES. The total video storage capacity is 20 TB.

Leveraging Aimetis’ unique licensing model, the Siem Reap International Airport is utilizing the robust performance of Aimetis analytics, in particular, Advanced Motion Tracking Engine. This allows users to receive real-time information alerts, advanced event-based search of archived video data and on-demand reports. The many benefits of this unique installation have been improvements in the security and monitoring of passengers, planes, cargo and airport personnel. The software provided a scalable, cost effective solution for incorporating video analytics, allowing them the ability to alert both security and non-security personnel of important events in real-time.