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Case Study: Princeton Regional Schools
Aimetis software provides us with peace of mind, knowing that we have a powerful, yet easy-to-use video system that leaves us best prepared to prevent and respond to any threat to the safety and security of our facilities, students, teachers and staff.
Peter Thompson
Manager, IT

Customer Profile

The Princeton Regional School District, located in New Jersey, is comprised of four elementary schools, one middle school, and one regional high school. The region serves a culturally diverse student population of approximately 3,375 and is growing at a rate of more than 100 students annually. In addition, to the six school buildings, there is a central administrative building which houses the the primary supervisory and support staff for the school district.


  • Aimetis software licenses: Standard, Professional and Enterprise
  • Access Control (DHS)
  • IP and analog Cameras


The Princeton Regional School District (PRS) installs Aimetis Symphony™ Integrated Intelligent Video Management Software to improve the safety of students, teachers and staff with centralized security management and real-time alerts of critical events.


Educational institutions are increasingly taking steps to improve the safety and security of their facilities, students and staff. PRS required a solution that would allow them to proactively monitor hallways and grounds for possible intruders and inappropriate student behavior, better respond to emergency situations and provide video evidence for post-event investigation.

While school systems are discerning the need for improved security, funds for security come directly away from other school missions. Therefore, making the most of the funds available was paramount. To reduce the costs of implementation, PRS wanted to be able to leverage their existing infrastructure and cameras. Finally, with a growing student population, the solution needed to be easily scalable so that additional cameras could be added as required.


Aimetis Symphony Intelligent Video Management Software, installed by Dynamic Security provided a scalable, cost-effective solution for incorporating video analytics; allowing the ability to alert both security and non-security personnel of important events in real-time.

Using a combination of Aimetis Symphony Standard, Professional and Enterprise software licenses on various IP and analog cameras, enabling integratation with the access control system and other alarms to provide centralized security management over the network.

The alarm policy configuration tool of Aimetis Symphony allows PRS to customize alerts and automated responses. For example, Aimetis Symphony detects someone entering a door after midnight, it can automatically send an email alert to appropriate personnel. PRS is also teaming with the local Fire and Police Departments, providing the framework for better coordinated response in the event of an emergency.


Immediately after installation there was an enhanced safety procedure put in place for all students and staff, which has led to faster, more centralized response to critical events in all sections of the campus. A noticeable reduction of vandalism and property damage has taken place and there have now been many times historical searches have led to uncovering video evidence of the act.