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Case Study: Lakeside Inn and Casino
The Aimetis software has been very stable, up and running since the day it was installed. It provides us with a future-proof platform to meet the growing and regulatory requirements of the casino.
Ronald Forslind
Information Systems Supervisor

Customer Profile

Lakeside Inn and Casino, located on Lake Tahoe in Nevada, offers 124 rooms of AAA Triple Diamond rated contemporary mountain lodge-style hotel accommodation. It features a 24-hour casino with slots, table games, keno, a lively sports book and an around-the clock casino bar. Lakeside Inn and Casino has been open since 1985 and welcomes approximately 2 million visitors per year.


  • ƒAimetis Symphony Standard licenses
  • ƒ130 cameras (analog and IP)
  • ƒ
  • ƒBosch encoders


  • Simple, scalable migration from analog to IP surveillance
  • Surveillance hardware flexibility
  • ƒ
  • Robust, easy-to use video management functionality meeting gaming requirements
  • Single platform for future analytics deployment


Lakeside Inn and Casino pilots Aimetis Symphony™ software to reduce the threat of cheating, thefts and fraud on the casino floor.

Business Challenge

Casinos around the globe face a constant threat of cheating, theft, fraud and other criminal and disruptive behavior from both customers and employees. Since the 1960s, CCTV cameras have become commonplace in casinos, many installing hundreds or even thousands to monitor tables, dealers, slot machines, bars, doors and other critical areas. As technologies have shifted from analog to IP however, most casinos are facing the challenge of determining how to upgrade their surveillance system without losing their investment in existing infrastructure.

Lakeside Inn and Casino has approximately 130 cameras monitoring the various areas within the casino. They were having an increasingly difficult time finding digital video recorders that met their requirements. Additionally, the Nevada Gaming Commission has very particular standards regarding video surveillance that must be adhered, including a requirement to record video at 30 frames per second and store for a minimum of seven days. This creates a bandwidth and storage issue. Additionally, the Nevada Gaming Commission requires that all surveillance video must be able to be exported from the system for viewing on a standard TV or monitor.


Lakeside Inn and Casino selected Aimetis Symphony Intelligent Video Management software as their analog to IP migration platform. As a pure software solution, Aimetis Symphony provides Lakeside Inn and Casino with the flexibility to not only use their existing cameras but also to select new cameras and encoders of their choice as required, allowing them to migrate to a full IP solution at their own pace. Additionally, Aimetis Symphony allows the casino unlimited ability to scale, both from a camera and storage point of view without locking them in to a certain hardware manufacturer. Currently the system has 7.5 TB of storage, which will soon be increased to 15 TB.

“The Aimetis software has been extremely stable, up and running from the day it was installed,” said Roland Forslind, Information Systems Supervisor, Lakeside Inn and Casino. “Aimetis Symphony provides us with a very easy to use interface for monitoring and reviewing video from around the casino, and exporting the footage to a file that can be viewed by all individuals that require access to that video.”

Aimetis Symphony also provides Lakeside Inn and Casino with the ability to simply upgrade their software licenses to deploy video analytics on selected cameras as future requirements dictate. “The ability to deploy video analytics in the future will allow us to save on bandwidth and storage costs as we can set the system to only record when activity occurs,” adds Forslind. “Other foreseeable video analytics applications include being alerted of suspicious behaviors for real-time monitoring and mitigation as well as using applications, such as, people-counting, dwell time and traffic flow patterns to better plan the casino floor in a way that will increase revenues.”