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Case Study: Kück Automobile GmbH
With Aimetis Symphony™ installed at our facility, I can sleep through the night with the knowledge that the premises are secure and that no activities of theft and vandalism will be missed.
Friedel Kück

Customer Profile

Kück Automobiles is a one-stop-shop for new and used car sales and service. The company was founded in 1998, and specializes in the import and export of vehicles within the European Union. They pride themselves on finding the best deals from vehicle manufacturers, which allows them to offer exceptional prices to their customers. To meet growing demand, in 2001, Kück Automobiles moved their headquarters to a 3500m2 ndustrial site in Düren,Germany (“The Great Valley”). A further 2000m2 site expansion is planned for 2010.


  • Aimetis Symphony Intelligent Video Surveillance Software – Enterprise Edition
  • ƒ
  • Analog day / night cameras
  • ƒ
  • Axis Video Server
  • ƒ
  • Intrusion of VdS-certified emergency and service control center DWW
  • ƒ
  • Day/night monitoring


  • ƒ Greatly reduced false alarms
  • ƒ
  • ƒ Actionable intelligence
  • ƒ
  • ƒIncreased detection and prosecution of theft and vandalism
  • ƒ
  • ƒLowered insurance premiums
  • ƒ
  • ƒPeace-of-mind


Aimetis Symphony provides Kück Automobiles with a high probability of theft and vandalism detection at their headquarters in Düren, Germany.

Surveillance Requirements

A few years ago, theft of automobile parts and accessories led Kück Automobiles to implement a video surveillance system. They installed several analog day-night cameras outdoors throughout the sales and service areas on their 3500m2 site and used video motion detection to be alerted to suspicious activity.

However, Kück Automobiles quickly realized that the video motion detection solution was problematic. The surveillance system would send an alert every time there was any sort of movement in the camera’s field of view. During the night, an alert meant that a staff member would have to drive to the site to investigate the event. Most often the alarm was found to have simply been caused by an animal, or a tree moving in the wind.

Making matters worse, the video motion detection solution was not improving the problem of theft. Car parts and accessories continued to go missing, and there was no evidence as to who was responsible. As a result, their insurance premiums were increasing.


Realizing they needed to find a more effective surveillance solution, Kück Automobiles turned to Aimetis Certified Partner, DWW Alarm. DWW Alarm has more than 20 years experience in the field of security and video monitoring, providing customers a range of services including guarding, system design and implementation, remote surveillance, and more.

To solve the issue of false alarms caused by animals and objects blowing in the wind, DWW Alarm replaced the existing video motion detection solution with Aimetis Symphony™ Intelligent Video Surveillance software – Enterprise Edition.

Aimetis Symphony combines video management and video analytics within a single software solution, eliminating the need for complex software integration. Additionally the suite of video analytics algorithms available with Aimetis Symphony Enterprise Edition use advanced computer vision technology. This differs from traditional motion detection in an important way. Video motion detection assumes that any pixel change is significant. Therefore, users – like Kück Automobiles – receive an unmanageable number of false alarms, along with a high likelihood that the event of interest – e.g. a person in the car parts warehouse after-hours - will be missed.

With Aimetis Symphony irrelevant pixel changes caused by environmental factors (e.g. wind, animals) and normal behavior (e.g. a person in the car parts warehouse during daytime hours) are ignored. At Kück Automobiles, alarms are configured based on a range of behaviors including loitering, unauthorized entry, and removed item detection. Monitoring personnel receive these alerts in real-time, and are also able to search for activities of interest after an incident occurs, significantly contributing to their ability to prosecute offenders and deter others from trying the same.

DWW also provides Kück Automobiles with remote surveillance monitoring services, allowing them to focus more on their business with the assurance that their facilities are secured.