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Case Study: China Art Museum
We selected Aimetis Symphony because of the system scalability, openness and compatibility, which will achieve our long-term interests of system reliability. This stable platform for video management continues to make our monitoring system management easier and more effective.
Qian Jinyi
Deputy Director of Security

Customer Profile

The China Art Museum was formerly the China Pavilion for the 2010 Shanghai World Expo and covers 166,000 square meters with 64,000 square meters of display space in 27 exhibition halls and libraries. The China Art Museum has been open to the general public since October 1st, 2012 and is one of the largest museums in Asia.


  • 1200 Aimetis Symphony™ licenses
  • 600 Analog Cameras
  • 600 HDTV IP-Cameras
  • 17 Servers
  • 68 IO Devices
  • 300 Clients


One of the largest Art Museums in Asia has deployed Aimetis Symphony™ intelligent IP video management software to monitor its extremely valuable pieces of art with video and audio in real time from a state of the art control center.


The China Art Museum houses hundreds of priceless pieces of art, sculpture and other artifacts and has daily traffic of approximately 5,000 visitors. Due to the extremely sensitive nature of the goods being monitored, the facility could not afford any down time and required a fully functional solution to be implemented in just three (3) weeks. The current system in place was not user-friendly, proved difficult when searching for a camera, didn’t allow for third party system integration and used a seperate product for people counting. The goal of the Museum was to consolidate these capabilities into one open platform system.


Aimetis Symphony was selected as the IP video management software of choice because it covered all the critical deployment requirements and specifications while providing the open system architecture that was mandatory in this project.

Aimetis Symphony provided a flexible and scalable solution allowing for migration from an analog environment to an IP based infrastructure, a 24 hour, 7 days a week monitoring, analysis and people counting, all within the same VMS platform and integration with third party systems such as access control and infrared system capabilities to ensure maxmimum observation and security.

Due to the system-wide stability requirement of redundancy, Shangan, an Aimetis Certified Partner configured the system so that a hardware failure does not affect the overall stability of the system. Specifically, the recording servers and management servers have been implemented as a redundant hot standby mechanism. This backend system comprises of Dell servers to manage the 1,200 cameras with a 13+2+2 server architecture, 2 redundant management servers and 13+2 redundant recording servers with a UIT for storage.

Aimetis Symphony not only provides VMS functions such as real-time viewing, recording, playback and heat-map reports, it has also enabled The China Art Museum to implement an intelligent traffic analysis for each exhibition hall. This has empowered the security personnel to look for traffic patterns as well as recongize unusual behaviour during the day and is also leveraged as a virtual fence at night to detect intrusion.

The China Art Museum now has the capabilities to be alerted in real-time to ensure immediate response to alarms, the ability to search through historical video for particular activity in just seconds and the third party integration needed to control the entire building from one central command center.