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Case Study: Better Way of Miami
We are now able to track client movement and quickly respond to any emergencies to the living areas. The value of the system was immediate when we were able to definitively identify the instigator of a physical confrontation the first week after installation.
Glenn Bernstein
Director , MIS / IT

Customer Profile

Better Way has been providing services for over a quarter century, and has earned the reputation of being one of South Florida’s most respected recovery agencies. Better Way offers a full continuum of care in an approachable, safe setting.


Monitoring and recording all activity inside and outside is essential for an environment where mental health client, counselors, and operations staff are constantly in close quarters. The ability to review video evidence of medication storage and dispensing, client and staff interactions, and perimeter security was critical in ensuring the safety of everyone and the organization itself.


  • 20 Aimetis Symphony Licenses
  • 20 IP Cameras
  • 1 Server
  • 5 Clients
  • Single video camera feed used in conjunction with intercom buzzer for access control
  • 2-way audio used in remote dorm for emergency instructions

Business Challenge

Before installing Aimetis Symphony, there was no form of intelligent video monitoring for staff safety procedures, theft protections and facility monitoring. The outdated CCTV system in place was failing and did not have record or alarm capabilities needed to reliably record, easily search and intelligently analyze multiple incidents a day.

The facility is exposed to a high risk level because of the number of people entering and exiting the premises each day as well as the activity within the building.


A Wide Area Network (WAN) was utilized connecting the entire facility while providing over 30 days recording history of many HD and standard cameras. Automation of alarms at exits outside normal hours was set up to ensure that the proper staff were aware and informed of any changes in the facility. Utilizing video analytics, Better Way Miami configured motion detection analysis, object counts and also the advanced scheduling feature to ensure proper results. This solution has provided an improved image capture and recording system that could be easily integrated into the infrastructure.


There has been a significant improvement in the monitoring of the more troublesome areas of the building, which has minimized incidents by discouraging theft and has enabled immediate investigation of any incident that might not have been able to be prevented.

Utilizing a single monitoring station with the ability to fully monitor four buildings has lead to improved security and safety for both patients and staff. Applying Aimetis Symphony analytic rules has led operators to monitor any movement after ‘lights-out’ in any living area throughout the facility. This has led to staff viewing live and historical video allowing for the selection of alarms requiring action instead of responding to each individual incident. This has led to improved staffing schedules, improved workplace performance and overall workplace safety enhancement. Recordings are available to review to backup oral statements by clients/staff or to investigate property movement/loss within the facility.