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Case Study: Ball Construction
With Aimetis Symphony™ intelligent video management software, not only did we save money and secure insurance coverage, but we eliminated on site theft and vandalism.
Jason Ball
President, Ball Construction

Customer Profile

Ball Construction was founded in 1923 and has become one of the leading General Contractors in Ontario, Canada. In the past six years alone, Ball Construction has delivered over half a million square feet of industrial and commercial construction.


  • ƒAimetis Symphony software
  • ƒ
  • ƒVideo capture board in PC
  • ƒ
  • ƒCCTV (analog) cameras


  • ƒSymphony met the insurance company’s requirements for full-time monitoring
  • ƒ
  • ƒTheft and vandalism decreased significantly
  • ƒ
  • ƒNo project delays due to theft of equipment or destruction of property


Ball Construction deploys CCTV cameras and Aimetis Symphony™ intelligent video management software to monitor and protect their construction site from theft and vandalism. Numerous thieves were caught as a result.

Business Challenge

Ball Construction was experiencing significant theft and vandalism at their various construction sites. Complicating matters, Ball’s insurance provider would no longer insure the company against such events without a full-time security guard. The replacement of equipment due to theft was only half the problem; the project delays being caused as a result were even more significant and costly. Ball needed a proactive solution which would meet the insurer’s requirements, as well as protect the site from intruders.


Ball deployed CCTV, a remote monitoring service, and Aimetis Symphony™ intelligent video management software. Using the highspeed DSL connection which was available in the site trailer, Aimetis Symphony could notify in real-time when unauthorized activity was detected. Using the integrated PA and siren, the monitoring station could engage the perpetrators immediately.

As a result, numerous perpetrators were apprehended and arrested by the police. As compared to the cost of a full-time security guard, the Aimetis solution paid for itself within six months. Theft and vandalism decreased significantly along with the resultant project delays.

“We could not be happier with our decision to use Aimetis.” said Jason Ball, President of Ball Construction. “Not only did we save money and secure insurance coverage, but we eliminated on site theft and vandalism. I would recommend all construction companies who suffer from theft and vandalism to consider Aimetis.”