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Case Study: Artisan Wine Storage
We are extremely satisfied with Aimetis Symphony and it’s easy to operate user interface, it’s scalability and reliability. This has proven to be a powerful security tool for us and it is exactly what we were looking for in the marketplace.
Mr. Eamonn P Egan
Managing Director

Customer Profile

Artisan Wine Storage is an industry leading facility and service provider fully dedicated to the proper careand storage of fine wine.


  • Six 360 degree cameras for monitoring entrances, exits and loading zones
  • 16 Hi Resolution cameras for the warehouse inventory
  • Vivotek Wide Dynamic Range Pro Cameras
  • 10 GbE Ethernet Backbone
  • 32 TB of Storage with data rentention of 30 days


The main purpose of installing this system was to prevent or detect warehouse theft, damage to expensive wines and provide a very secure place for wine collectors to store their wines. Artisan Wine Storage was experiencing an increasing need to intensify its security surveillance system to reduce costs incurred from inefficient labour monitoring. The company was looking for a surveillance solution that provided increased levels of control and flexibility for their warehouse security.


Artisan Wine Storage required robust surveillance to ensure all wine on the premises is constantly monitored. Because of the wide range of expensive and fine wines that are stored, Artisan Wine Storage required a reliable and hi resolution surveillance system to record and monitor incidents. The company was looking for a surveillance solution that gave them new levels of control and flexibility for their warehouse security taking into account the current challenge of video quality when zooming in on a subject from the 50 foot ceilings in the warehouse.

The video requirements were of high importance due to the nature of the stored products and the consequential risk taken with that. The company wished to improve it’s building with an efficient and highly functional video surveillance system to ensure the security of the entire building. This included utilizing three clients with all unique access levels to ensure system settings and notifications are sent to the right individual.


To maximise the return on investment, Artisan Wine Storage chose to implement an IP-based security system which enabled them to address both external threats and internal theft, as well as any other problems effectively and efficiently. The deployment also eliminated the need to staff skilled IT employees to manage the warehouse security system. This resulted in significant savings for the company.

Altech Computers was selected as a solution provider to design a suitable system, leveraging high resolution megapixel cameras connected to Aimetis Symphony.

Aimetis Symphony was chosen due to the very reliable VMS platform offered and for the added benefit of an easy to use mobile client allowing managers to access the security system through the free client software, Web interface as well as iPhone, IPAD, or any Android platform.

This solution provides a unique set of benefits that were not attainable with the company’s previous analogue security system including real-time monitoring, consistently high image quality, remote flexible zoom and camera tilt. It also gave Artisan Wine Storage the option to activate automated SMS or email messages via alarm triggers, improving response time and reliability.