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Case Study: AP International
Axis’ new generation H.264-based network cameras transmit smoother images over common ADSL, and integrated perfectly to the nationally-distributed shop broadband environment of our group.
Wang Shanqian
Technical Director, AP International

Organization: AP International

Location: Fujian, China

Industry segment: Retails

Application: Remote monitoring

Partners: Axis Communications, XiaMen Waynet Computer and Networks Co., Ltd.


With several subsidiaries including AP Group (China) Ltd and Fujian AP Industry Ltd, AP International is specialized in the creative design, media, product development, as well as research, manufacturing and sales of color napkins. The company has a reliable customer base in Europe, America, and Australia. The large scale of the business can occasionally result in delays and inaccuracy.

To ensure smooth management of its chain stores, it became indispensable to implement real-time remote surveillance. The company wanted to manage and control the shops via a central management platform. At the same time, the company required intelligent video analysis, such as automatic count of consumers entering and leaving the shops, and value-added functions like statistical analysis of on-duty ratio for employees during specific times.


With Aimetis Symphony video management system, which was provided by Aimetis, a global Axis Application Development Partner (ADP), AP Group installed AXIS M1011 Network Cameras in 18 flag shops in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenyang, Chengdu, among others, in order to ensure remote control and centralized management of shops through a central facility room at the head office.

All access rights are controlled centrally by the company, and managers at different levels are assigned with corresponding view and operation rights. Nationwide, shops are monitored remotely in real-time to supervise the working status of employees and identify incidents. High-definition recordings can be viewed remotely, anytime, from anywhere.


The compact, elegant and smart AXIS M1011 Network Camera supports flexible mounting mode, such as wall mount and ceiling mount. Its functional design enabled the shop surveillance system to be installed quickly without damaging the shops’ interior decor. AXIS M1011 utilizes H.264 compression, which reduces the bit ratio by over 50% on average with specific video quality compared with other video standards, so better and smoother video images can be transmitted over the network.

Thanks to Aimetis Symphony video management software provided by Aimetis and Axis network cameras, AP International now benefits from a powerful system for remote shop surveillance, manageable centrally from the head office. With this network video system in place, AP International has been able to improve the employees’ sense of safety, as well as enhance their service attitude and professionalism, while meeting the management’s demands for shop monitoring.