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Case Study: Summit of the Americas, Trinidad and Tobago

Event Profile

The Summits of the Americas bring together the democratically elected heads of state of the Western Hemisphere to discuss common concerns, develop a shared vision for the future development of the region, and seek solutions to problems and challenges confronting their countries. Telecommunications Services of Trinidad and Tobago (TSTT) served as the security integrator for the 2009 event.


  • 700+ Aimetis Symphony licenses
  • 700+ Axis, Arecont, Sony and Pelco cameras
  • 6 Seneca Data Intel modular servers
  • 3 redundant control rooms with full access to all cameras


Aimetis Symphony™ video management and video analytics software was deployed to ensure security for 27 heads of state who attended the Summit of Americas event in Trinidad and Tobago in 2009.


Some 27 heads of state and their staff, including President Obama, attending the Summit of Americas in 2009 over the course of a week in Trinidad and Tobago. Because of the need for advanced protection, the security infrastructure needed to be in place more than one month in advance and included three redundant control rooms. Capabilities included advanced detection of people and vehicles, perimeter protection, etc.


Analytics were seamlessly built into the video management system, which enables the analysis of video data in real-time and provided Summit security staff with intelligent information at their fingertips. Next, because of Aimetis’ flexible licensing model, Telecommunications Services of Trinidad and Tobago (TSTT), the project’s integrator, could move analytics to any camera at any time. Because of its efficient architecture, TSTT only needed to implement a total of six Intel modular servers at three command centers, some 30 fewer than any competitive solution. As a result, TSTT saved on hardware costs, power/air conditioning costs and the time involved in installing and updating the servers. This made the total solution far less expensive than any competitive alternative.

Aimetis pre-installed its software into Seneca Data’s Intel modular servers and provided on-site support. TSTT installed the cameras, built the control rooms and centers and managed the overall project. The system was completed and ready for testing and review one month prior to the Summit.

The security system encompassed Trinidad and Tobago’s airports, highways and hotels – and even monitored three cruise ships, which were used as housing for event staff. More than 700 cameras were used to monitor all of these areas 24/7 for a week from its three centers. TSTT maintained the capability to use Aimetis software for tracking individuals and motor vehicles and maintaining perimeter protection.


Despite the enormous security challenges presented by the human and geographic scope of the week-long event, no security incidents occurred during the 2009 Summit of Americas. Aimetis Symphony monitored all activities efficiently and effectively.