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Case Study: Express Service
With Aimetis Symphony™ intelligent video management software monitoring our mission critical logistics center, we have been able to reduce vandalism to our trucks and decrease the theft of inventory and fuel. Now, our profits have increased and because of these lessened logistical delays, our customer satisfaction has improved.
Jan Högström

Customer Profile

Express Service is a transportation and logistics company in Sweden with nearly 50 vehicles. In business since 1984, the company focuses on serving the Nordic region and surrounding countries. Express Service offers complete logistics services including pick-up, freight forwarding, warehousing, customs documentation and just-in-time deliver.


  • Aimetis Symphony ™Enterprise licenses
  • IQEye 5.0 Megapixel cameras
  • ƒƒVivotek 1.3 Megapixel cameras


  • Reduced theft and vandalism
  • Improved profits
  • ƒƒReduced logistical delays
  • ƒƒEnhanced customer satisfaction


Express Service installed Aimetis Symphony™ intelligent video management software to reduce theft and vandalism at its major logistics hub.


The Express Service logistics centre is critical to business operations. A large open space, covering an area equivalent to three football fields, the logistics center has a large warehouse where is stores inventory for just-in-time delivery to customer locations across the Nordics and surrounding countries. It also has fuel pumps and a large lot for parked delivery trucks.

During the nights, Express Service was often experiencing vandalism to its parked trucks, break-ins to the warehouse and theft of inventory and fuel. This was causing logistics delays and inventory shortages, ultimately lowering profits and creating unhappy customers.


Express Service selected Aimetis Symphony™ intelligent video management software as the security surveillance platform for the mission critical logistics centre. Aimetis Symphony™ was selected following an evaluation of its use in several reference sites around Sweden. The Enterprise version of the software, which includes the full suite of Aimetis VE Series™ video analytics, was installed and configured by Aimetis certified partner, UTS.

The outside area is covered by several IQEye 5 megapixel cameras. The Aimetis VE Series™ video analytics within Aimetis Symphony™ Enterprise were configured to alert on relevant motion in multiple restricted zones. Aimetis Symphony™ alerts Express Service security personnel to a person entering a restricted zone, while ignoring trucks entering the same area. The Aimetis VE Series™ video analytics provide extremely high accuracy with low rate of false alarms, even in poor weather conditions such as rain and snow.

In the warehouse, Aimetis Symphony™ receives video feeds from Vivotek 1.3 megapixel cameras and alerts security personnel to activity during off hours. In addition to realtime alerts, the Aimetis Symphony™ server also stores recorded video. The software's Smart Search functionality makes it extremely easy for Express Service to search for specific recorded events in seconds. As a result, lost packages and stolen items have been retrieved and would-be burglars and vandals have been apprehended. Express Service plans to expand the system with additional cameras and integrate Aimetis Symphony™ with its access control system in the near future.