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Case Study: Nowotnik
Aimetis Symphony™ is the critical piece that ties our security solution together. Its robust, yet easy to use functionality has been the key to theft deterrence and improved profitability for our company.
Michaela Kalscheuer
Management, Nowotnik

Customer Profile

Sand- & Kieswerke Nowotnik is a major supplier of raw materials for the regional housing and road construction industry. The company has a large sand and gravel facility located in Erftstadt, Germany, to produce high quality aggregates used in a number of local construction projects. The facility houses heavy equipment for processing of the raw material and several trucks for the delivery of materials to the construction site.


  • Aimetis Symphony intelligent video surveillance software - Enterprise Edition
  • Analog Day/Night Cameras
  • ƒƒAxis Video Server
  • ƒƒIntegration of Video Surveillance, Access Control and Intrusion Detection
  • ƒƒVdS Certified Emergency and Service Control Center


  • Real-time security
  • Post-event investigation information
  • ƒƒTheft deterrence
  • ƒƒReduced insurance premiums
  • ƒƒImproved profitability


Aimetis Symphony™ is used to combat theft of industrial equipment and gravel from Sand-& Kieswerke Nowotnik's processing facility. The intelligent video surveillance software displays and manages camera feeds, integrates with access control and intrusion detection systems and incorporates video analytics to alert monitoring personnel of suspicious events.

Surveillance Requirements

Raw materials and equipment theft is an escalating problem in the construction industry, with loss estimates ranging in the billions of dollars globally. Unfortunately, Sand- & Kieswerke Nowotnik is not immune to this trend and has endured the theft of several pieces of industrial equipment, including trucks from their facility, as well as many loads of sand and gravel intended for customer construction sites. Most obviously this has led to significant profit erosion for the company, but it also affects customer satisfaction and insurance premiums in a negative way.

Sand- & Kieswerke Nowotnik realized they must improve their security plan to avoid further losses. Never having a video surveillance system in place, the company turned to Aimetis Certified Partner, DWW Alarm to help them design and implement a complete surveillance and intrusion detection solution. Sand- & Kieswerke Nowotnik required 24/7 remote surveillance of their facility and needed to be alerted to suspicious activity as it related to their equipment, vehicles and raw material product. Furthermore, the solution needed to be streamlined and easy to operate, offering integration of video surveillance, access control and intrusion detection within a single user interface.


DWW Alarm recommended and implemented Aimetis Symphony intelligent video surveillance software as the backbone of the security solution for Sand- & Kieswerke Nowotnik. Aimetis Symphony manages the video feeds from the new analog day/ night cameras installed throughout the premises via Axis video servers and displays live (and recorded) images on computer monitors located in a central monitoring room at the premises for day-time monitoring. The video feeds are simultaneously sent to the DWW Alarm Monitoring Center for after-hours monitoring and response.

Aimetis Symphony also integrates with the installed access control and intrusion detection systems. Monitoring personnel are alerted to alarms from these systems within the video management interface and the system will automatically pull up images from nearby cameras to make investigation easier. Additionally, rules can be pre-configured for automatic response to alarms.

Aimetis Symphony also incorporates a range of intelligent video analytic algorithms that not only provide real-time alert of suspicious activity but also significantly reduce the amount of time required to find relevant video snippets during the post-investigation of thefts and other criminal activity. At Sand- & Kieswerke Nowotnik, Aimetis Symphony's virtual fence analytic provides highly accurate real-time notification of unauthorized entry or suspicious activity even during the often challenging outdoor weather conditions. The software also associates metadata information with the recorded video to make post-event investigation quick and simple. Personnel are able to search through video based on time and specific activity.