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Case Study: Vivara Jewelry
The motion tracking/thermal zone capabilities enables the store to determine locations within the store that customers frequent.

Customer Profile

Founded in 1962, Vivara is Brazil's largest jewelry store chain, with more than 100 retail outlets throughout the country in 24 of Brazil's 26 states.


  • Approximately 450 Aimetis Symphony ™ licenses
  • Approximately 450 fixed and PTZ Vivotek network cameras
  • ƒƒ100+ IBM servers


In addition to saving a tremendous amount of travel time and costs, Vivara has increased store security, enhanced customer experiences and plans to improve sales through the use of Aimetis Symphony.


Vivara, the largest retail jewelry chain in Brazil, has deployed Aimetis Symphony™ intelligent IP video management software to remotely monitor its stores with video and audio in real time from a central location.

Business Challenge

The jewelry chain has more than 100 stores in 24 of Brazil's 26 states and needed to monitor them remotely both for security and to enhance its customers' experiences. This includes alarming stores for after-hours breakins as well as using surveillance during store hours to ensure customers are being serviced properly and to analyze buying habits by time and counter location within the store.


Vivara contracted with Ferraz Solutions to implement the surveillance system and provide ongoing support, including staffing in the monitoring center. Ferraz Solutions implemented several fixed and pan/tilt/zoom network cameras from Vivotek and Aimetis Symphony video management software in each store. Aimetis Symphony provides audio and video management, as well as intelligent video analytics to accomplish Vivara's goals of improved security and customer service.

Corporate staff in a central site can watch and observe the stores in real time, regardless of the distance (some are 2,500 miles away) to see if staff are properly trained/attending to the needs of customers and ensure that jewelry is being displayed properly. Microphones are installed separately from but integrated with the cameras that record staff/customer dialogue to enhance the analysis. This has saved Vivara from the significant costs associated with traveling thousands of miles to observe `and improve the customer experience and store performance.

Moreover, Vivara will be using Symphony's people counting and motion tracking/thermal zone capabilities to enhance sales. Using people counting, the store can determine how many individuals are entering and exiting the stores on certain days (and dates of the month/year) and at certain times of the day to plan for staffing, sale dates, etc. The motion tracking/thermal zone capabilities enables the store to determine locations within the store that customers frequent. For example, Vivara can tell if customers typically go directly to specific counters with sales items or browse throughout the store. Aimetis Symphony reports use color to show them where "hot" and "cold" customer zones are within each store.