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Case Study: Siam City Cement (SCCC)
Aimetis intelligent video management software allows us to remotely monitor our plants and critical areas, such as the explosives warehouse, over the network. This has improved the efficiency with which people and vehicles gain access to the plants and greatly enhances the safety and security of critical areas.
Watee Tanya
OHS&S Division Manager

Customer Profile

In business for more than 30 years, Siam City Cement has played a significant role in Thailand's development as the second largest provider of cement and mortar in the Kingdom. The company manages several commercial buildings, production plants, kilns, and warehouses. As a publicly traded company, Siam City Cement, is committed to delivering value to all stakeholders and has been recognized with several awards as an innovative supplier of cement products and solutions. The company continually invests in the latest safety and security measures for its facilities.


  • Reduced security personnel costs
  • Faster response with real-time alerts of suspicious behaviours
  • ƒƒImproved investigation ability with quick, advance search capabilities
  • ƒƒIncreased efficiency of daily operation


  • Aimetis Intelligent ƒƒ Video Management Software (Professional & Enterprise)
  • ƒƒVarious IP cameras
  • ƒƒCardaxFT Access Control System
  • ƒƒCar Barriers and Pedestrian Turnstiles


SCCC deploys Aimetis intelligent video management software in its plants and critical areas, such as the explosives warehouse. Features such as advanced search and alerting capabilities enhance the safety and security of people and facilities, as well as improve the efficiency with which people and vehicles can gain access to the facilities.

Business Challenge

SCCC required an updated security system for one of their major facilities. Their incumbent system was based on analog technology and required several security guards on-hand to be able to verify alarms and enforce security procedures. This system was costly and not always reliable. It also did not allow for the ability to remotely monitor the facility.

SCCC required advanced security around the high-risk explosives warehouse. This security was critical for employee safety as well as general liability. Additionally, the company was having challenges regarding secure access to their facilities. The incumbent operation often meant that approved people and vehicles were delayed from entering the facilities while on-site security staff verified credentials.

Cost of both installation and system operation were a significant concern to SCCC The ability to leverage existing security equipment and have the flexibility to choose components, such as, cameras, an access control system, etc. that met their specific requirements would significantly reduce installation and long term operational costs.


SCCC selected AES Group to provide a turn-key security system using Aimetis intelligent video management software. AES Group installed a fibre network backbone to upgrade the previous system from analog to IP. The open-architecture design of the Aimetis software allowed AES Group to provide a solution that was completely tailored to SCCC's needs while also leveraging existing security components.

The Aimetis software integrates with the access control system and other alarms to provide centralized security management over the network. The alarm policy configuration tool of the software allows SCCC to customize alerts and automated responses. For example, if the software detects human motion in or around a highrisk area, such as, the explosives warehouse it will send an automatic alert to the monitoring staff in the control room who can remotely verify the activity and dispatch security personnel if necessary.

The software helps to improve efficiency by making access to facilities simple, without compromising security. Monitoring staff are automatically alerted to people or vehicles entering the facility, can verify their identity and remotely open doors.