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Case Study: Munich Airport
We selected Aimetis system because of its scalability, expandability and configurability of the system.
Michael Zaddach
CIO of Munich Airport

Customer Profile

Munich Airport is the second largest airport in Germany and the hub to almost 33 million passengers and 292 thousand tons of air freight a year. Some 5,000 users, including police, airfield control, parking garage managers, etc. needed individualized video information meeting their demands, anytime.

Technology & Integration

  • 2000 Aimetis Symphony ™ licenses
  • 2000 IP cameras
  • 6 Servers
  • 1000 IO devices
  • 1000 Clients


  • Improved security
  • Future proof capabilities
  • Streamlined operational efficiency
  • Improved customer satisfaction


Germany’s second largest airport is using Aimetis Symphony™ video management and video analytics software to improve security and operational efficiency.


Individuals travelling in and out of the airport need to be monitored closely. Ensuring the safety for all passengers, airport crew and staff is only possible through the use of video surveillance technology. With an increasing level of security standards, balancing public safety with data privacy is important when investing in a video management system.


“With intelligent video software from Aimetis, we are able to analyze passenger flows and avoid upcoming problems,” according to Johann Götz, Head of ITN, Munich Airport.

Aimetis Symphony enables multicast streams necessary to distribute video to over 250 concurrent operator stations thus ensuring the availability of high quality video, while maintaining compliance with airport defined user rights and access privileges. This integrated surveillance system enables Munich to easily monitor the entire airport, immediately handle system alerts and better manage core operational processes, including aircraft handling, safety monitoring, prevention and investigation of crime and, as required, additional situations such as threats and major incidents.

Aimetis Symphony’s open system architecture runs on standard commercial off-the-shelf hardware and supports many different video sources as required. With only six servers needed to manage Munich’s 2000 cameras, Symphony’s design offers full redundancy and failover necessary to maximize system availability. Flexible live viewing options - including video wall, web and mobile clients – ensures every user group gets a customized presentation of video information. And with Aimetis Symphony’s analytic software components, users can identify problems early and follow them through the timeline.

The results of implementing Aimetis Symphony at Munich Airport are clear – improved security, flexible and scalable system architecture with future proof capabilities, and streamlined operational efficiency with the use of on-demand business intelligence. Aimetis Symphony provides improved customer satisfaction at Munich Airport, which was voted Europe’s best airport.

Aimetis Video Analytics White Paper