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Case Study: ICA Group
We couldn’t be happier about upgrading our video system with the Aimetis video surveillance and analytics software. It gives us 24 hour security, helps us improve customer service and provides us with revenue generating opportunities. What’s more is that it’s so easy to use that you don’t have to be an expert to use the system.
Christer Erikson
CEO, ICA Alundahallen

Customer Profile

ICA Group is one of the Nordic region’s leading retail companies with about 2,250 own and retailer-owned stores in Sweden, Norway and the Baltic states. Founded in 1938, ICA today has over 20,000 employees and sales of over SEK 80 billion. ICA stores have different profiles, depending on location, size, and range of products which can include food, flowers, cards, DVDs, and other specialized items.

Technologies & Integration

Aimetis software licenses: Standard, Professional and Enterprise


  • Reduced Theft
  • Revenue-generating opportunity with grocery product distributors
  • Improved Customer Service


ICA installs Aimetis video management and analytics software to reduce shrinkage, generate revenue from distributors, and improve overall customer service and satisfaction.

Business Challenge

ICA’s previous video surveillance software was difficult to use and was not providing the supermarket with the real-time intelligent information they required to reduce theft and improve their overall store operations. Thefts of items, such as beef, were common and it was rare that the perpetrators were ever caught. Additionally, the supermarket was experiencing customer complaints due to long lines and needed a way to increase their display marketing revenues.


ICA chose Aimetis video management and analytics software platform to replace their existing surveillance system in its Alundhallen store (ICA Alundhallen) for a number of reasons. First, the Aimetis software had a robust set of features that would simultaneously address the key issues of theft, customer satisfaction and revenue generation. Additionally, the scalability and open-architecture design of the software gave ICA management the confidence that the Aimetis software would meet their future needs as well. Also important was the easy to use interface and flexibility of the software licensing that provided the supermarket with a cost-effective and tailored installation.

The ICA Alundahallen deployment uses a mix of different Aimetis licenses – standard, professional, enterprise. The video analytics algorithms of the enterprise version are being used to alert store management of significant events in real-time and log events for future investigation and reporting.

To reduce the risk of theft, Aimetis software will send real-time alerts when it detects someone loitering at the back door and exiting through the entrance doors. The software will also detect and log the removal of high-priced, high-risk theft items, such as beef so that the perpetrators can be identified.

To improve customer satisfaction, Aimetis software monitors the check-outs and will send alerts when lines get too long so that additional staff can be deployed to keep lines moving faster.

To increase marketing display revenues the cameras are used to monitor customer flow and measure how much time customers spend in front of displays. ICA shares these reports with its distributors so that they can measure the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. The supermarket can also charge different rates for space depending on store traffic.

Retail Security