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Case Study: BMW - MINI - Alpina
Aimetis Symphony is an innovative and effective solution which appealed to us immediately. It takes away the stress of road works and rigor of installing a system infrared barrier.
M. Sebastien Perroualt
Director of BMW - MINI - Alpina


Since 1983, Alpina has partnered with BMW on and off the racing circuit, collaborating on technological development and producing a steady stream of groundbreaking innovations. The BMW ALPINA range is like no other, combining luxury and understated exclusivity with exceptional power and ability. With a state of the art factory and testing facility covering 4000 m2, Alpina required an intelligent video management system which not only provided the features needed but also allowed for 24-hour continual surveillance and recording of staff and visitors entering and leaving the premises and at the daily activities of the plant.

Technology & Innovation

  • Two 6 Core 8 Go Servers
  • 15 Professional & 15 Enterprise Licenses Utilizing Analytics
  • 2 NAS Equipped with Optical Fiber
  • 15 Day/Night Analog Cameras + Encoders
  • 13 Day/Night 2 Megapixel Cameras
  • 2 180 Degree Panoramic Cameras
  • SDK Integration for Alarm Relay


A reoccurring security issue was faced when analyzing the current video protection capabilities throughout the entire facility. The area in which needed 24-hour monitoring was consistently expanding and the amount of valuable inventory was also expanding, leading to monitoring challenges. Couple this with the storage requirements of 12 fps recording as well as a 15 day retention policy and the system is now generating a wealth of data and information.

The current system did not have the capabilities to provide the level of secure, reliable monitoring needed to ensure that no theft of damage occured on the premises. The implementation was required to be an open standard architecture, which enables video surveillance to be integrated with other security resources, such as access control and other I/O’s.


Recognizing the current surveillance need, Aimetis and its partner, JPG Securite, built a comprehensive network video surveillance system for BMW-MINI-Alpina. The indoor and outdoor areas of the building can now be managed visually and the system is equipped with megapixel network cameras, offering wide system scalability. “Aimetis Symphony brings to this deployment powerful analytics and reliable video management allowing us to provide proactive detection in both day and night settings. In addition, through the SDK provided by Aimetis we have provided additional value to the end user by integrating softkey combination with video detection / intrusion.” said JPG’s Sales Director, Sébastien Julaud.

The system offers the convenience of a unified and efficient video management platform that greatly raises productivity, and ensures continuous real-time recording of activities on the property.