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Case Study: Sonitrol Security Systems
Aimetis Outdoor Object Tracker is as good as or better than any outdoor analytic in the market.
Ed Bodbyl
President, Sonitrol Security Systems

Customer Profile

Since pioneering verified surveillance alarms with its first franchise in 1964, Sonitrol Security Systems has dedicated the past half century to refining and updating its unique impactactivated audio verification technology to deliver real time monitoring of businesses, schools and homes. Founded to maximize the efficiency of local law enforcement agencies’ time and resources, Sonitrol’s alarm verification technology and protocols have built an unrivaled reputation around the world. Sonitrol has approximately 85 franchises and 60 branches serving commercial, industrial, and institutional clients throughout North America.


Aimetis Outdoor Object Tracker™ installed in six locations on more than 40 cameras


Sonitrol needed a solution to provide to their clients that would allow for outdoor analytics on high definition cameras.


  • Aimetis Outdoor Object Tracker being used in six locations
  • Increased reliability of analytics
  • Decreased costs for clients
  • Reduction in false alarms

As one of the largest commercial security companies in North America, Sonitrol Security Systems understands that there is a need for improved monitoring of the exterior of buildings and surrounding property. With commercial and industrial clients, there is a lot of valuable equipment and material stored outside the confines of a building. For years, Sonitrol has been offering outdoor monitoring services using analog cameras and analytic encoders. As technology has improved, customers have been requesting higher definition cameras for their outdoor security feeds. Without the ability to provide reliable analytics on high definition cameras, Sonitrol was deploying hybrid systems involving high definition cameras for video viewing and analog cameras with analytics encoders for detection and verification of intrusions. This resulted in increased cost for Sonitrol customers, who were essentially installing two systems.

“We were constantly looking for a solution for our outdoor monitoring and analytics,” said Eddie Bodbyl, President of Sonitrol’s Burlington, ON location. “We were waiting for a product to enter the market that married high definition cameras and outdoor analytics. Then we were introduced to Aimetis Outdoor Object Tracker and we’ve been really pleased ever since.”

Aimetis Outdoor Object Tracker (AOOT) provides reliable outdoor object tracking, classification, and alarms for Axis network cameras and encoders. The embedded application detects and classifies moving objects within a predefined area of interest, making it possible to automatically trigger an event. When AOOT detects an intrusion, an alarm is triggered in the Sonitrol alarm panel at its central monitoring station in Mississauga. A connection is established through a VPN and the monitoring staff is able to view the video. From there, staff is able to determine what caused the alarm and respond accordingly.

“Any time we are able to decrease the need for hardware, we are saving our customers money. The ability to use high definition Axis cameras with Aimetis Outdoor Object Tracker has eliminated the need for the expensive hybrid system we had been using,” said Bodbyl. “AOOT is as good as or better than any outdoor analytic in the market.”

Aimetis Outdoor Object Tracker has improved the reliability of the outdoor monitoring services that Sonitrol provides. With fewer false positives, the central monitoring station staff wastes less time investigating unnecessary alarms, proving a reduction in labour costs.

“Our clients are really seeing the benefits of improved analytics with higher definition cameras”, continued Bodbyl. “Decreasing theft and reducing liability in these outdoor yards is of utmost importance to our clients. I would recommend Aimetis Outdoor Object Tracker to any client looking to secure their valuables outside their building, such as equipment rental yards, scrap metal yards, outdoor storage, or vehicle dealerships.”