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Case Study: Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences
Aimetis allowed us to leverage our analog investment while adding high value features such as Auto-PTZ control and Mega-Pixel cameras.
John Premzell
Fire and Safety Officer, Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences

Customer Profile

Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences is a specialty psychiatric hospital which is focused on the providing specialized mental health progams for inpatients and outpatients for a population of 2.8 million residents in an area extending from the east of the City of Toronto, Canada. Ontarion Shores employs 1100 staff and has an annual operating budget of approximately $88 Million.

Technology & Integration

  • Aimetis Symphony™ Client & Server
  • ƒAxis 241Q encoders
  • IQinvision 703 network cameras
  • Analog Panasonic WV-CW864 PTZ
  • Panasonic WV-NF284 network camera


  • Increased scalability of security personnel
  • Improved Image quality
  • Greater value extracted from PTZ cameras through auto-tracking capability


Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences selects Aimetis Symphony™ Integrated Intelligent Video Management Software as its video platform for analog and network cameras while leveraging video analytics to automatically control PTZ cameras, increasing the scalability of security personnel.

Business Challenge

Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences includes a forensic programme, an 85 bed medium and minimum security programme for persons subject to detention under the Criminal Code of Canada and the Mental Heatlh Act. Skyrocketing occupancy, from 70% in 2006 to 95%, had left the facility with the need to expand its video coverage. Ontario Shores wanted to slowly migrate to an IP based deployment while still making use of their existing analog cameras. The need to have an intelligent video system with auto PTZ tracking capability was required as timely manual control of the PTZ cameras was not always guaranteed.


Aimetis Symphony Intelligent Video Management Software was selected due to its open architecture and ability to support Axis, Panasonic and IQinvision network cameras concurrently. To achieve control of the analog pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) cameras, an Axis 241Q encoder was used to interface with the analog camera and IP network, allowing Symphony to send commands across the network and automatically control the cameras as needed.

Symphony was configured to automatically zoom in when people were detected in areas which were designated as off-limits, such as around the garbage bins outside the hospital. Mega-pixel cameras were also deployed which gave superior image quality in strategic parts of the hospital where high image detail was a must. These are especially useful in aiding security personnel in the detection and prevention of violent behaviour or persons going missing. “Aimetis allowed is to leverage our analog investment while adding high value features such as auto-PTZ control and mega-pixel cameras,” says John Premzell, Fire and Safety Officer, Ontario Shores.