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Case Study: University of Trieste
We now have a solid, open and scalable solution with Aimetis Symphony™, enabling us to deal with the necessary preparation for the current and future security needs of our University while staying within our defined budgets.
The Department of Technical Services
of the University of Trieste

Customer Profile

The University of Trieste is divided into twelve faculties (Architecture, Economics, Pharmacy, Law, Engineering, Humanities, Medicine and Surgery, Psychology, Education Science, Mathematics, Physical and Natural Sciences, Political Science, School of modern languages for interpreters and translators), has a student population of approximately 23,000 students and over 1000 teachers and administrative staff.

Technology & Integration

  • ƒAimetis E3210 and E3205 Physical Security Devices
  • ƒAimetis Symphony software licenses, Standard
  • ƒAASSET Encoders
  • IP GRUNDIG cameras


  • Increased sense of security for students, faculty and visitors
  • ƒOverall reduction in vandalism and theft on the University campus
  • ƒSimple integration with existing hardware infrastructure
  • Easy to use analytics, right out of the box


The University of Trieste installed Aimetis Symphony integrated intelligent video management software using the Aimetis E3200 Physical Security Appliance to provide a secure and safe environment for the over 23,000 students and 1000 teachers and administrative staff that work, study and reside on the campus.

Business Challenge

Protecting property from vandalism and preventing theft of computer equipment were the main issues that prompted the University of Trieste to find an intelligent video management solution. A proactive solution was required to reduce criminal activity on the campus, which included an effective means to respond to emergency events and review post-event investigation.

The university has a considerable range of individual faculties, spread over a sizeable geographical area within the city of Trieste, which presents its own challenges in security surveillance.

The University of Trieste did have an existing surveillance infrastructure that included analog subsystems individually controlled by a digital recorder. A system was required that would allow using existing analog cameras, and integrating more cameras to the foundation as required while strictly adhering to the budget of the university.


After reviewing several different video surveillance options, Aimetis Symphony Intelligent Video Management software and the Aimetis E3200 Physical Security Appliance were chosen by the University of Trieste for their unique integration of both video management and video analytics into a single platform. The Aimetis E3200 provides the University with a robust, fanless design which is wall-mountable and ideal for space constrained environments.

The Aimetis E3200 was installed in 4 buildings and integrated with the existing analog cameras using the AASSET multichannel encoders. The University was pleased with the fact that Aimetis Symphony provides an open platform that supports a long list of encoders and IP cameras, for easy integration into the current environment and has an intuitive user interface, making it easier for administrative and security personnel to manage.

The University has utilized several of the analytical options extensively on campus, including video motion detection, object removed, left item detection, people counting and loitering. Plans are in place for Aimetis Symphony and the Aimetis E3200 to be deployed on all twelve University faculties over the next three years.