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Case Study: City of Waterloo
Aimetis Enterprise Manager™ has changed how we
manage our security at the City of Waterloo.
Kevin Lobsinger
Corporate Security & Property Coordinator, City of Waterloo

Customer Profile

Home to more than 130,000 residents, the City of Waterloo is one of Canada's fastest growing communities. The city's security department is responsible for the safety and security of 41 properties, 900+ employees, and millions of visitors each year. City facilities include office buildings, recreation facilities, adult senior centres, parks, public works yards, and more.


  • Aimetis Enterprise Manager™ (AEM)
  • Aimetis Symphony™ video management software and analytics
  • IP and analog cameras and servers at multiple locations


The City of Waterloo needed a solution to monitor and alert the security team of issues with their security cameras and servers. Additionally, the city was looking to reduce the time and cost associated with updating software. Finally, they needed to guarantee configuration at all locations was set up in accordance with internal policies.


  • ƒƒ AEM provided a reliable system for monitoring the status of the city's cameras and servers
  • ƒƒ AEM reduced the time and cost associated with updating software on servers at multiple sites
  • ƒƒ AEM reduced the time it took to manually check remote servers were set up correctly and met corporate policies

Waterloo, Canada is a dynamic city with a strong cultural and economic base. Renowned post-secondary institutions, global think tanks, and major high tech companies call Waterloo home.

As part of a city-wide effort to increase security at its public facilities, the City of Waterloo selected Aimetis Symphony™ for its video management system. As the number of locations, servers, and cameras increased, the security team at the city needed additional assistance in ensuring that the entire system was working without incident. The process of manually checking each camera and server was time consuming as was the process of manually updating software. As a result, software updates were not applied quickly and failed cameras were not known immediately.

The city's Corporate Security & Property Coordinator, Kevin Lobsinger, turned to Aimetis Enterprise Manager™ (AEM), a cloud-based centralized management tool to reduce his administrative burden. The city is now able to automatically deploy software updates, manage settings and monitor server and camera status through a centralized web-based dashboard.

"AEM has changed how we manage our security at the City of Waterloo. Since using AEM, we no longer spend time each week manually checking if all cameras are recording," said Lobsinger. "AEM has given me peace of mind, knowing that I will be quickly alerted when a camera or server goes down. I no longer worry that we're missing important video surveillance footage due to camera or storage failures. AEM also gives us valuable statistics such as CPU and storage utilization, which allows us to proactively intervene before a failure. AEM has measurably reduced our operating cost and risk."

The City of Waterloo has plans for extensive growth in their security. Centralized management with AEM will be critical for the city in scaling the administration of their multi-site IP video deployment.

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