Technical Support

Whether you require hands-on technical assistance from a support team member, or you want to use self-service tools to answer a question on your own, Aimetis Technical Support offers a range of services to meet your needs.

Ensuring your infrastructure stays current is important to maintaining a reliable, future-proof video management system. Product upgrades, in combination with expert technical support, form the basis of the Aimetis Maintenance & Support program.

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Technical Support

With an experienced, global team of support personnel and developers, customers have a wealth of expertise to draw on to ensure they are designing and delivering reliable solutions that keep their customers satisfied. Technical support is accessible through the Aimetis Maintenance & Support Program or on a per incident basis.

  • ƒƒPhone, Email, and Web Support
  • ƒƒ3 Tier Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • ƒƒRemote Assistance

Software Maintenance

In an ever-changing marketplace, Aimetis responds quickly by regularly providing new features and improvements to address new business problems. Customers subscribing to an Aimetis Maintenance & Support program have access to software updates, as they are released, with no additional upgrade fee.

  • ƒƒNew Features and Improvements
  • ƒƒ
  • Easy Upgrade Process
  • ƒƒShort-Cycle Releases to Address Product Defects

Self-Service Support

Through Aimetis self-service offerings, partners have access to a library of tools, documentation and other resources, which can be used to quickly resolve issues without needing to speak with Technical Support.

  • ƒƒKnowledge Base
  • ƒƒProduct Documentation Library
  • ƒƒTechnical and Security Alerts
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