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Certified Partner Training

Certified Partner Training takes you well beyond the basics to become an expert in Aimetis products and services.



Location Date* Language
Waterloo, ON Feb 17-Feb 19 2016 English Completed
Waterloo, ON Oct 12-Oct 14 2016 English Completed


Location Date* Language
Miami, FL Nov 21-Nov 23 2016 Spanish Completed
Yonkers, NY Jan 17-Jan 19 2017 English Register


Location Date* Language
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic Jan 16-Jan 18 2017 Spanish Register
Oranjestad, Aruba Apr 17-Apr 19 2017 English Register
George Town, Cayman Islands Jun 12-Jun 14 2017 English Register

Latin America

Location Date* Language
São Paulo, Brazil Nov 8-Nov 10 2016 Portuguese Completed
Monterrey, Mexico Dec 5-Dec 7 2016 Spanish Completed
San Jose, Costa Rica Feb 13-Feb 15 2017 Spanish Register
Mexico City, Mexico Mar 20-Mar 22 2017 Spanish Register
Panama City, Panama May 22-May 24 2017 Spanish Register
Monterrey, Mexico Sep 18-Sep 20 2017 Spanish Register


Location Date* Language
Hanau, Germany Nov 22-Nov 23 2016 Deutsch Completed
Hanau, Germany Jan 24-Jan 25 2017 Deutsch Registration Full
Hanau, Germany Feb 21-Feb 22 2017 Deutsch Registration Full
Hanau, Germany Apr 25-Apr 26 2017 Deutsch Register
Hanau, Germany Jun 20-Jun 21 2017 Deutsch Register
Hanau, Germany Sep 26-Sep 27 2017 Deutsch Register
Hanau, Germany Oct 24-Oct 25 2017 Deutsch Register
Hanau, Germany Nov 21-Nov 22 2017 Deutsch Register

Asia Pacific

Location Date* Language
Shanghai, China May 10-May 12 2016 Chinese Completed
Australia Jul 5-Jul 7 2016 English Completed
Seoul, South Korea Jul 5-Jul 7 2016 Korean Completed

* Dates are subject to change.

For more information please contact:
Toll free US/Canada: 866-544-2804
Local: 519-746-8888