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Aimetis Enterprise Manager

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Aimetis Enterprise Manager™ (AEM) provides cloud-based centralized management for distributed Aimetis Symphony video management software (VMS), Aimetis Physical Security Appliances (PSA) or Aimetis Thin Clients. Managed servers and devices connect securely to Enterprise Manager, enabling you to deploy software updates, manage settings, and monitor status and performance through an intuitive and powerful web-based dashboard, all from the cloud.

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Reduce Downtime

Implementing AEM will significantly reduce surveillance network downtime for administrators. System administrators can be alerted immediately to any down network camera or server, ensuring peak efficiency and consistent protection of property and assets. When a camera or server goes down, administrators will be able to identify camera failures, storage issues, and site power outages.

Increase the Security of Security

Discover a new level of network security through AEM with the ability to quickly and easily perform software updates. Having up-to-date software helps keep network points, such as cameras and servers, secure with the most recent updates. AEM also allows administrators to explicitly define settings that can’t be changed by local site operators. This helps avoid inconsistent compliance issues that can open your security network to vulnerable attacks.

Multiple Location Management

Trying to figure out how to effectively manage and monitor a multi-site deployment? Aimetis Enterprise Manager is the only platform that offers centralized cloud management. Manage video surveillance deployments around the world from a single administrator dashboard. This is ideal for organizations in retail, transportation, banking, and logistics that oversee the security of multiple locations at any given time. 

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Centralized cloud management through AEM reduces upfront configuration and ongoing administration time, keeping staff to a minimum and delivering a lower total cost of ownership for any video surveillance system. Initial setup time is reduced by inheriting settings from the cloud. Additional future changes are invoked by simply updating the policy and pushing updates to servers. Software updates for cameras and servers can also be centrally managed, further streamlining administration tasks and reducing the painstaking task of manually updating hundreds of cameras and network endpoints.


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