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Aimetis Enterprise Manager

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Aimetis Enterprise Manager™ (AEM) provides cloud-based centralized management for distributed Aimetis Symphony video management software (VMS), Aimetis Physical Security Appliances (PSA) or Aimetis Thin Clients. Managed servers and devices connect securely to Enterprise Manager, enabling you to deploy software updates, manage settings, and monitor status and performance through an intuitive and powerful web-based dashboard, all from the cloud.

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Aimetis Enterprise Manager helps streamline IT operations in distributed video deployments.

Key benefits:

  • Reduce down time: Identify problems quickly through dashboard or notifications. Typical problems include camera and storage failures.
  • Increase compliance: Settings that are explicitly defined by Enterprise Manager cannot be changed locally on site, avoiding issues with inconsistent and non-compliant configurations.
  • Lower TCO: Centralized management reduces up front configuration and ongoing administration time.  Initial setup time is reduced by inheriting settings (via Policies) from the cloud.  Additional future changes are invoked by simply updating the Policy and pushing updates to servers.  Software updates can also be centrally managed, further streamlining administration tasks.  
Enterprise Manager
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City of Waterloo