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Aimetis People Counter

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The Aimetis People Counter is an intelligent video analytics application for use with qualified IP camera models. The application is ideal for retail environments, schools, banks, recreation facilities, prisons, airports and other environments that require intelligent customer and operational insight despite constraints on budgets, bandwidth and IT infrastructure support.

The application can operate as a fully functional intelligent video surveillance stand-alone product, or can be used with video management software depending on application requirements.

Note: Aimetis People Counter is compatible only with Axis cameras (with AXIS Camera Application Platform) based on ARTPEC-3 , ARTPEC-4 and ARTPEC-5 CPU's.


Reliable, Cost Effective & Flexible

Accurate People Counting

The Aimetis People Counter tracks the bi-directional flow of objects as they pass through a user definable line. The application is designed for entrances and exits and minimizes counting errors caused by environmental factors such as shadows, lighting changes and reflections.


The Aimetis People Counter provides on-camera reporting that can be queried by hour, day, month or year. Reports are available as tables and charts to make communication of intelligent video data simple and informative. Results can be exported directly into Microsoft Excel.

Small Footprint

Video analysis and reporting is executed on the camera instead of a central server, drastically increasing the scalability of video analytics. Combined with minimal IT infrastructure and support, the stand-alone solution is ideal for both small and large camera deployments.


Integration with video management software such as Aimetis Symphony™ or other 3rd party products is made easy through the open interface of the Aimetis People Counter.