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Outdoor Object Tracker

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Complex configuration and low accuracy of video analytics is a thing of the past. Outdoor Object Tracker™ (OOT) provides a protective barrier around your property, ensuring reliable and consistent tracking of people and vehicles for Axis network cameras and encoders, without complex integrations or sacrificing tracking accuracy. Reduce false alarms, improve security protocols, and effectively monitor large areas while keeping CPU usage low and reducing hardware costs.

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  • Quick and straightforward installation and configuration
  • People and vehicle classification lowers false alarms through filtering objects by size and location
  • Edge configuration allows for stable operation of the analytic regardless of VMS or server status
  • Simple rule configuration allows events to be triggered directly from the camera simplifying 3rd party integrations
  • Rich metadata can be streamed to any VMS that can be used for motion recording and alarm forwarding
  • Seamless integration with Senstar Symphony™