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Moving Beyond Simple Motion Detection

It's time to get more from your motion detection solution. Aimetis Motion Tracker (AMT) delivers reliable motion detection that can also send custom alerts based on tripwires. AMT also features search and reporting, providing more functionality than just standard motion detection.

Built for Axis network cameras and encoders, the embedded AMT application detects moving objects within a predefined area of interest, making it possible to automatically trigger an event. AMT is a step above traditional video motion detection since it not only detects motion but tracks the changes between frames of video. As a result, AMT can alarm based on a tripwire or alarm zone, and can also be used in combination with video management software (VMS) for search and reporting.

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Reliable Indoor and Outdoor Motion Detection

AMT setup is easy. Get reliable motion detection for Axis ARTPEC-4+ products with minimal configuration and no scene calibration required.

Easy Alarm Integration with VMS

Straightforward integration with 3rd party products. AMT alarms can work with any video management software (VMS), because events are triggered directly on the camera with the embedded rule engine.

Search by Location

Go beyond the traditional limits of standard motion detection. With AMT, you can search by object location with your VMS, using the metadata from the AMT analytic.