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Moving Beyond Simple Motion Detection

It's time to get more from your motion detection solution. Motion Tracker delivers reliable motion detection that can also send custom alerts based on tripwires. Motion Tracker also features search and reporting, providing more functionality than just standard motion detection.

Built for Axis network cameras and encoders, the embedded Motion Tracker application detects moving objects within a predefined area of interest, making it possible to automatically trigger an event. Motion Tracker is a step above traditional video motion detection since it not only detects motion but tracks the changes between frames of video. As a result, Motion Tracker can alarm based on a tripwire or alarm zone, and can also be used in combination with video management software (VMS) for search and reporting.

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The following cameras are likely to be compatible with Motion Tracker. This list may not be complete. There may be variation in platform version for a specific camera model. Follow these instructions to confirm if your device is compatible.

  • AXIS F41
  • AXIS M3006-V
  • AXIS M3007-P
  • AXIS M3007-PV
  • AXIS M3026-VE
  • AXIS M3027-PVE
  • AXIS P1353
  • AXIS P1353-E
  • AXIS P1354
  • AXIS P1354-E
  • AXIS P1355
  • AXIS P1355-E
  • AXIS P1357
  • AXIS P1357-E
  • AXIS P1365
  • AXIS P1365-E
  • AXIS P1405-LE
  • AXIS P1425-E
  • AXIS P1425-LE
  • AXIS P1427-E
  • AXIS P1427-LE
  • AXIS P1428-E
  • AXIS P1435
  • AXIS P3214-V
  • AXIS P3214-VE
  • AXIS P3215-V
  • AXIS P3215-VE
  • AXIS P3224
  • AXIS P3353
  • AXIS P3354
  • AXIS P3363-V
  • AXIS P3363-VE
  • AXIS P3364-LV
  • AXIS P3364-LVE
  • AXIS P3364-V
  • AXIS P3364-VE
  • AXIS P3367-V
  • AXIS P3367-VE
  • AXIS P3384-V
  • AXIS P3384-VE
  • AXIS P5624-E
  • AXIS P5635-E
  • AXIS Q1602
  • AXIS Q1602-E
  • AXIS Q1604
  • AXIS Q1604-E
  • AXIS Q1614
  • AXIS Q1614-E
  • AXIS Q1615
  • AXIS Q1615-E
  • AXIS Q1635
  • AXIS Q1931-E
  • AXIS Q1931-E PT Mount
  • AXIS Q1932-E
  • AXIS Q1932-E PT Mount
  • AXIS Q3505-V
  • AXIS Q3505-VE
  • AXIS Q6000-E
  • AXIS Q6042
  • AXIS Q6042-C
  • AXIS Q6042-E
  • AXIS Q6042-S
  • AXIS Q6044
  • AXIS Q6044-C
  • AXIS Q6044-E
  • AXIS Q6044-S
  • AXIS Q6045
  • AXIS Q6045-C
  • AXIS Q6045-E
  • AXIS Q6045-S
  • AXIS Q8414-LVS