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Aimetis Symphony Analytics

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Do more with your network video surveillance system. Aimetis Analytics are ideal for businesses searching for a more efficient and intelligent surveillance system. For organizations looking to better automate security processes, speed up surveillance footage review with intelligent searching, or countless other applications, there is an Aimetis Analytics pack ready to transform passive surveillance footage into something much more.

With real-time alerting, smart video search, and reporting, Aimetis Analytics provide the tools to change the way organizations leverage the power of their network video. Start using video analytics now and be more secure and productive.


High Accuracy

Aimetis Analytics retain high levels of accuracy in the toughest of environments. Even in snow, rain, waving shadows, and low light situations, Aimetis Analytics delivers the performance you need while limiting troublesome false alarms.

Seamless Integration with Aimetis Symphony

Aimetis Analytics were built from the ground up for the award winning Aimetis Symphony™ video management system. Having seamless integration with Symphony offers lower software and hardware costs while ensuring greater operator efficiency.

Business Intelligence

Leverage the power of your video surveillance network to do more than passive viewing and recording. Streamline your business operations through traffic heat maps, people counting, identifying dwell times, and utilizing the power of license plate identification. Find out more about your business, employees, and customers through your security network and turn that into organizational improvements.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Do more with less. Aimetis Analytics allow you to significantly reduce the total cost of your video surveillance network through real-time alerting and intelligent video search. By cutting the time it takes to monitor, review, and report data and footage, you will achieve a fast return-on-investment from video analytics.

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