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E3200 Physical Security Appliance

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The Aimetis E3200 Series is no longer available from Aimetis. It has been replaced by the E4000 Series. The E4000 Series provides increased capabillity in the same amount of space while remaining efficient and flexible. Click here for details.

Aimetis E3200 Series Physical Security Appliance combines a purpose-built hardware design with Aimetis Symphony™ video management & analytics software, creating a high performance intelligent video surveillance platform for installations under 16 cameras. Its robust fanless design and flexible installation options makes the E3200 Series an ideal solution for space constrained environments such as small footprint retailers and harsh environments.

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Quick and Simple Installation

Similar to a DVR, the Aimetis E3200 requires no hard drive or software installation. And with no software activation required, the first camera is being recorded within minutes of unpacking the box.

Easy to Use

With the industry's best combination of video recording, management, analytics and reporting, users benefit by using a single interface that eliminates the need to jump between multiple vendor products.

Flexible for Future Needs

Powered by Aimetis Symphony™, adding cameras is as easy as adding camera licenses. For more advanced functionality such as access control integration or video analytics, upgrading licenses without changing software or hardware is all that is required. With support for over 30 camera manufacturers , the E3200 provides unparalleled flexibility in camera selection.

Purpose-Built Hardware Platform

The Aimetis E3200 Series is designed for flexible deployment in any scenario. The onboard Intel® Atom™ embedded processor provides unsurpassed performance with very low heat generation and minimal cooling requirements, resulting in improved stability and longevity. With a tough aluminum case with heat dispersing fins, the E3200 is able to draw away heat from the processor and allow the system to operate in environments not suitable for commercial-off-the-shelf PCs. To provide even more flexibility, the E3200 can be wall or DIN-rail mounted keeping the unit out of harms way.