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Aimetis Launches Tungsten, a Cybersecurity Device for Physical Deployments

Aimetis Tungsten is a cybersecurity appliance designed to protect security deployments and control systems at the physical edge of the network

Waterloo, Canada - 2017-04-03

Aimetis Corp., a global leader in intelligent video management software, today announced the launch of Tungsten, a cybersecurity device that helps system operators and administrators prevent security breaches and monitor the operations of an entire deployment.

Tungsten protects the physical network edge. It is a multi-layer security enforcement tool that detects and identifies every element and endpoint in the network. It sends real-time alerts and blocks any attempt to connect an unauthorized device.

Tungsten inspects incoming and outgoing traffic, at the port level, to only allow safe traffic from authorized entities. It protects hardware, makes switch policy enforcement tamperproof, and acts to restore the continuous operation of the network.

Key Features: 

  • Rugged hardware, designed to withstand extreme environmental conditions
  • 4 x Fiber-optic and 8 x RJ45 ports, 6 with high-power PoE capabilities, 2 of which support PoE Ultra, for simple installation and flexible, resilient network topology
  • Increased switch functionality, for fewer devices in the field and less points of possible failure, such as media converters, power supply and injectors, serial device servers, I/O controllers, etc.
  • Continuous monitoring and analysis of data traffic of all elements and points in the network
  • Cyber protection, not only for servers and network points, but also for all elements in the field
  • Monitoring of physical network infrastructure including fiber optic backhaul
  • Monitoring of video streams
  • Volumetric network detection to aid in prevention of DDoS attacks

By learning about the network and connected devices at the entry point, Tungsten creates a unique ‘device fingerprint’ and examines everything from the cabling and power usage, to the characteristics of network flows. This builds a detailed picture of what should be happening on the network. The cybersecurity analytics inside Tungsten then look for any changes in this fingerprint that might indicate an attempted intrusion, a fault, or in some instances, even malware.

“With a growing number of physical security elements being added to networks, partially due to rapidly dropping camera prices, we’re seeing more threats from a cybersecurity standpoint,” said Justin Schorn, VP of Product Management at Aimetis, “Tungsten is a cybersecurity ethernet switch that was specifically designed to strengthen physical security networks and reduce the risk of an attack.”

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