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Aimetis Symphony Thwarts Card Skimming Scam at one of the Nordic's Largest Retailers

Intelligent Video Management Software captures criminals on video

Waterloo, Canada - 2008-12-02

Aimetis Corp., a global leader in intelligent video management software, today announced that its surveillance platform, Aimetis Symphony™ played an instrumental role in thwarting a card skimming scam at ICA Maxi Superstores in Sweden.

Approximately 10am Monday morning, it was discovered that a false keyboard and card reader had been mounted on top of the regular keyboard at one of the checkout registers at an ICA Maxi Superstore in Partille, Sweden. The card reader was connected to a wireless transmitter that would send the swiped credit card information over a network for use by the criminals.

Aimetis Symphony™ smart search capability allowed store personnel to search through the entire night of video footage in seconds, returning results of potentially suspicious activity. The video clearly captured three men entering the store shortly before closing on Sunday night, but only two of them leaving. The video also returned extremely high quality video images of the third man installing the high-tech skimming device and then leaving the store just after opening on Monday morning.

"The easy-to-use interface of the Aimetis Symphony™ video surveillance software allowed us to quickly find the recorded incidents of criminal activity that had occurred during the night and turn that footage over to the police," says Thomas Strindeborn, CEO, ICA Sweden. "The police have commented very positively as to the high level of video quality and are confident that the criminals will be caught."

"Aimetis is pleased that, together with our local partner UTS, we have provided ICA the video surveillance tools they needed to react quickly so that no customers fell victim to this scam," Marc Holtenhoff, CEO, Aimetis Corp.

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