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Aimetis Symphony Harmonizes Video Management and Analytics to Drive Intelligent Video Management

Aimetis Symphony Harmonizes Video Management and Analytics to Drive Intelligent Video Management

Waterloo, Canada - 2008-04-01

Reasserting the Company's commitment to the video management market, Aimetis Corp., a global leader in intelligent video management technology, today announced the launch of Aimetis Symphony™ Video Management software. Based on award-winning IP-video technology, Aimetis Symphony helps organizations of all sizes costeffectively benefit from intelligent IP-video surveillance for security and business intelligence.

Built on an open, standards-based architecture, Aimetis Symphony is an integrated video management and analytics software platorm. The software provides advanced surveillance capabilities, a robust and scalable IT infrastructure, and powerful business information reports. Its simple and straightforward licensing options offer maximum flexibility, ease of use, and a cost-effective entry point for the seamless migration to IP-surveillance.

"Aimetis Symphony demonstrates our commitment to deliver comprehensive, flexible and costeffective solutions that bring video management, analytics and other security systems together on a single, open-IP based platorm," said Marc Holtenhoff, Chief Executive Officer, Aimetis Corp. "Aimetis Symphony makes intelligent video more accessible to all segments of the surveillance market by enabling organizations of any size to maximize their current analog investments or transition from an analog ‘record only' installation to intelligent network video -- all at a cost-effective price point."

Building on Success
The release of Aimetis Symphony builds on the Company's success, experience and expertise in intelligent video. In 2007, Frost & Sullivan recognized Aimetis for its technological innovation in embedding video analytics into digital signal processors (DSPs) for edge devices, long before the market realized their importance. In addition, Frost & Sullivan's research found Aimetis was one of the few market players that consistently received positive feedback on the reliability of its products.

Aimetis Symphony Harmonizes Video Management and Analytics

"Aimetis software was the best intelligent video platorm we could find. Nothing else could touch it," said Steve Paherson, Manager, Systems Operations, City of Oshawa. A major transportation and logistics hub in Canada, the City of Oshawa selected Aimetis software to analyze and record video as part of a city-wide effort to increase public security.

The Flexibility and Versatility You Expect Plus More
Being both security and IT friendly, Aimetis Symphony seamlessly integrates analog and IP cameras with a minimal learning curve for the user. The software is intuitive and easy to install and deploy, and its customizable user interface makes it convenient for security professionals to efficiently manage and analyze video data.

The software supports all analog and 15 different network camera manufacturers – making it ideal for deployment in hybrid environments. In addition, Aimetis Symphony runs on Microsoft Windows-based commercial off-the-shelf hardware (e.g. PCs, servers).

Aimetis Symphony provides advanced surveillance features including integrated video analytics for auto alarming on a wide variety of user-defined policies and advanced "Smart Search" capabilities along with highly-sought-after IT features such server farms, automatic software updates, software developer kits, and more.

With Aimetis Symphony, organizations can also use their existing analog and network systems to generate real-time business intelligence information with powerful report generation for people counting, dwell time, activity level/congestion, traffic flow paherns, and high alarm and risk areas.

As the convergence gap between analog and IP surveillance starts to narrow, the tight integration of both video management and analytics makes Aimetis Symphony the smartest and most cost-effective surveillance solution across all industries including retail, transportation, financial and commercial industries.

The Industry's Most Simple Licensing Model
With no server license fee or client viewing license fee, Aimetis Symphony licensing is simple: one camera, one license. Three options are available to offer maximum flexibility and ease of use:

    Standard License – Recording: An entry platorm for IP-surveillance and ideal for users looking for basic video recording but want a migration path to video analytics for future use. Professional License – Management: Contains all core video recording features of the Standard License plus robust event management integration from devices such as camera alarms that enables the quick and efficient retrieval of specific events without having to review all video recordings. Enterprise License – Intelligent Management: Designed for applications requiring real-time intelligence on camera feeds with enhanced event-based search capabilities.

Camera licenses can be "mixed and matched" depending on the required functionalities.

Aimetis Symphony Harmonizes Video Management and Analytics

Product Distribution and Channel Support
Aimetis Symphony software is available through distributors and system integrators in 15 countries in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific. Aimetis provides its reseller partners with the best technology and methodology; simple customizable licensing schemes; and robust training and support including a comprehensive reseller program for qualified partners. More information can be found at: www.Aimetis.com.

Aimetis Symphony Makes Music at ISC West 2008, Las Vegas
Aimetis Symphony will be demonstrated at ISC West, April 2 – 4, 2008 in Las Vegas at Booth #10147. Watch for the guys with the purple ties!

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