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Aimetis Announces AIRA v5 Second Edition

First Open IP-Surveillance Software to Support Cameras and Video Encoders with Embedded Analytics; New Retail Features Such as People Counting.

Waterloo, Canada - 2006-08-17

Aimetis Corp. today announced the release of AIRA v5 Second Edition, the leading Open IP-Surveillance software product. This release is the culmination of nine months of development, and includes expanded device support and several new features.

AIRA v5 Second Edition is the first Open IP-Surveillance software product on the market to natively support 'smart' network cameras and video servers. "Together with smart IP cameras and encoders running Aimetis embedded analytics, AIRA v5 enables customers to significantly reduce network traffic and video storage requirements by filtering unwanted video data before it enters the network" explains Marc Holtenhoff, CEO of Aimetis. "AIRA v5 Second Edition drastically simplifies deployment of intelligent video solutions in network environments, making AIRA one of the most user friendly solutions on the market today."

AIRA v5 Second Edition also offers new out-of-the-box video analytics and reporting tools designed to help retailers make better business decisions by leveraging real-time people counting and in-store traffic flow patterns. "AIRA v5 Second Edition provides our retail customers with instant access to business intelligence that can improve store efficiency and profitability, while also identifying security and liability risks via advanced event detection, such as liquid spills" adds Holtenhoff.

Other new features in AIRA v5 Second Edition include hierarchical location map interface, simplified installation process and alarm policy configuration, menu driven algorithm selection, and expanded language support that now includes English, French, German, and traditional and simplified Chinese.

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