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Aimetis Announces Technology Partner Program for OEMs

Aimetis' Video Content Analysis Algorithms for DSPs Available; Partners Receive Technical and Marketing Support

Waterloo, Canada - 2005-04-14

Aimetis Corp., leader in intelligent video management technology, today announced the launch of the company's Technology Partner Program. Through the Technology Partner Program, partners embed Aimetis video analysis algorithms into their own solution architecture to create intelligent video products specific to market needs. As a result, partners can add significant value to existing hardware investments by offering products with greater capability than ever before. Other benefits include quicker time to market as well as sales and marketing support.

With the use of digital signal processors (DSPs), such as the Texas Instruments TMS320DM64x™, Technology Partners can port Aimetis' video content analysis directly onto edge devices, such as video cameras, recorders and encoders. Having Aimetis intelligence reside directly on hardware will reduce the need for a centralized server and reduce the hardware requirements for an intelligent security system. OEMs benefit by offering differentiating technology, while end users benefit from higher performance, better bandwidth utilization and overall lower cost.

"We have received a great deal of interest from video hardware manufacturers about our video content analysis technology," explains Aimetis CEO Marc Holtenhoff. "With the launch of the Technology Partner Program, OEMs can significantly reduce the development cost and time-to-market for intelligent video devices. We look forward to seeing intelligent products available to end-customers this year."

Aimetis' video content analysis technology is based on artificial intelligence called computer vision. The company's algorithms analyze incoming video against user-defined security policies or rules. When an event violates a policy, such as a person entering a restricted area or a vehicle parking in a forbidden zone, Aimetis algorithms can automatically execute counter-measures such as alerting security via email or SMS, sounding an audible alarm, or automatically controlling a Pan-Tilt-Zoom camera.

About Aimetis

Aimetis, a Senstar company, simplifies the management of network video for security surveillance by offering smart solutions with the lowest total cost of ownership for our connected world. Combining an industry leading video management system with integrated analytics and centralized management in the cloud, Aimetis delivers the most scalable and easiest to use video management platform on the market. Founded in 2003, Aimetis has established itself as a global leader in intelligent video management from its headquarters in Waterloo, Canada. Aimetis has distributors and certified partners in over 100 countries and serves a variety of industries, including retail, transportation, and others.

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